As a practicing painter and printmaker, my preferred approach is to work directly from the subject in order to record an instinctive response.
Certain subjects, however often considered, continue to be elusive and challenging. Returning repeatedly allows me to make new observations and to understand the character and different moods of a place depending on the time of day, weather and season.
I am drawn to the rawness of strong topographical landscapes at the edges of population; quiet lonely places that resonate with the past, and where the rugged elements are dictated by natural forces.
I am particularly interested in the way in which forms relate to each other; if they recede or encroach and how space is defined. I believe drawing is fundamental to this exploration, and provides essential underpinning to my work.

Julia Corfe.

Julia Corfe studied at Northampton and Kingston upon Thames Colleges of Art. After graduating she worked as a printmaker, but gradually became more focused on landscape painting. She has painted in Swaledale since the 1980’s, but since 2000 she has had a permanent base high in the Pennines overlooking Swaledale. She also works in Cornwall and, more recently Pembrokeshire. She has exhibited at The Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers and The Royal Academy Summer Show and has work in public and private collections around the U.K.