Julia Corfe studied at Northampton and Kingston upon Thames Colleges of Art. After graduating she worked as a printmaker, but has gradually become more focused on landscape painting. She has painted in Swaledale since the 1980’s, but since 2000 she has had a permanent base high in the Pennines overlooking Swaledale. She has also worked extensively in Cornwall and, more recently Pembrokeshire, as well as other dramatic landscapes such as Norway and Iceland (the subject of a monotype collection shown at the 2018 Swaledale Festival). She has exhibited at The Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers and The Royal Academy Summer Show and has work in public and private collections around the U.K.
Over the past few years, drawn to familiar motifs in the landscape, my work has developed along the path of theme and variations.
Using different media, I experiment with colour and tonality to strengthen the crossover between drawing, painting and printmaking. This is a process in which endless possibilities evolve and new channels open up to explore.
Human imprints such as field patterns, stone walls and barns, the remnants of lead mining and peculiar shapes of heather burning are all juxtaposed against the natural landscape.
This strong subject matter of Swaledale, with its eye-stretching geomorphology and ever changing weather patterns and light effects, continues to provide inspiration.